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Beginners Guide Aion

Whether you are returning to Aion or a new player welcome to Aion!

I'd like to start by saying that this post only contains "some" of the information that is useful in game. Much information can be found at various websites including Aions player guide http://gameguide.na.aiononline.com/aion/New+and+Returning+Player+Guide+and+FAQ
and the beginners guide which can be found at http://gameguide.na.aiononline.com/aion/Beginner%27s+Guide

Some other helpful resources can be found at:
Aion Magazine- https://www.aionmagazine.com/ *This service is not free.
Aion Source- http://www.aionsource.com/
Aion Game- http://www.aionthegame.com/category/aion-featured-news/
*Don't be afraid to ask questions in game. Please remember players in game have different personalities and experiences so advice other than factual advice can be biased or relative.

Some tips:

Starting out:

SELL SELL SELL! Anything you don't want to use in game try to sell to either NPC or Broker. Often times players figure "it's just junk...”, and you lose out on in game currency. “Junk", which can refer to actual junk drops that have no other purpose, or white armor/weapons/items that hold no significant value, can be worth more than most think. Junk items when collected in larger amounts can hold great value. For instance: A level 30 can usually sell a junk armor/weapon piece for 20-30,000 kinah to an npc. A level 40 could possibly sell white armor or weapons at 50-200,000 each. The further you progress the more you could make. So just remember, if you have the room, sell the loot :)

Make friends-
Don't be afraid to ask questions, make friends, and join a legion. Networking in game will help you learn more about Aion as well as enhance the chances of having helpful people guide or assist you in your journeys. Aion is an MMO, as such having a community is important. Having friends in game will benefit you in the long run, don't make enemies or harass players otherwise you will be looked down upon and either blocked from player to player or worse blocked from group invites due to your actions. Beyond that some actions may even get you suspended from game and no one wants that!

Learn the system-
Many new features have arrived with the current update. Don't hesitate to look up FAQ's and guides, as well as new mechanics, options, and setting that have recently become available. Some resources for this:


Class List

Skill Lists
http://gameguide.na.aiononline.com/aion/Assassin+Skills  Scout Class
http://gameguide.na.aiononline.com/aion/Cleric+Skills      Priest Class
http://gameguide.na.aiononline.com/aion/Sorcerer+Skills  Mage Class
http://gameguide.na.aiononline.com/aion/Chanter+Skills    Priest Class
http://gameguide.na.aiononline.com/aion/Templar+Skills  Warrior Class
http://gameguide.na.aiononline.com/aion/Gladiator+Skills  Warrior Class
http://gameguide.na.aiononline.com/aion/Ranger+Skills    Scout Class

Alternatively you can press "K" in game, then select "Chains", and click the skill list tab for your current class. This will display your skill lists.

Weapon List


These levels can be short or long depending on your play style. There is no rush; you should play at your own pace.

Basically complete your quests both campaign and regular to achieve level 9, or simply finish some quests and grind your way to level 9.
Upon reaching level 10 you will decide your secondary class, this is a permanent choice so choose wisely!
After completion of your Ascension Quest, you will now have access to a much larger world as well as be able to interact with players through various chats.
/1 Regional chat allows you to chat with people in the same region as you.
/2 Trade chat, although not used often is for selling or buying of items. Sometimes this chat is also used by crafters exchanging needed items and info.
/3 World chat is a way for players to talk with one another for group searches, general conversations and misc. chatting.
/4 Class chat is used to talk specifically with players in the same class as you. Often times class questions, strategies, and help can be found here.
/g Group chat allows you to chat with your group.
/a Alliance chat allows you to speak with your alliance.
/l Legion chat is available once you join a legion and can be used to chat with fellow legion members.

Levels 10-20
These level quests and instances vary between races. Though still at an intermediate level, you will experience a larger portion of the game. Be sure to access instances and groups when available. To find your instance info, click the menu arrow towards the bottom right of your screen and select "Instance info". This will give you the CD (count down) time for reentry too each instance as well as level.

Haramel 18-22 Solo Instance

Grouping is essential in completing some quests. Try to make yourself familiar with the (Shift V) Menu. This menu allows you to both apply and start groups. Your application or registration will be posted in /3 (world chat) and will help you find or recruit for a group. More information can be found here http://gameguide.na.aiononline.com/aion/Auto+Group

Levels 20-30
These levels start to define you as a class.  This is a good time to try out instances and groups as well as participate in fort defense and raids. You will begin to notice more pvp driven quests and the ability to enter the abyss. You will also obtain many of your skills that help define your purpose, and gain crucial experience in the game to succeed.

Don’t miss an instance! Players sometimes overlook instances due to time or pressure. Some instances, group quests, and group campaign quests give you rare and highly sought after items and materials. NTC is a good instance to learn about how the abyss forts work, how it came to place and how to participate. More info on this instance can be found at http://gameguide.na.aiononline.com/aion/Nochsana+Training+Camp
Also don’t forget t level 30 you begin your first quest for the Daevanian Set. This set when complete adds hidden effects, can be traded between your same faction characters and even morphed into any classes style i.e. Leather, cloth, plate, chain. Each level 30 character will obtain 1 of these. Obtain all 5 and you will receive a quest for the weapon/shield as well. This is no easy task but well worth the effort and time.

http://gameguide.na.aiononline.com/aion/A+Sage%27s+Teachings Elyos
http://gameguide.na.aiononline.com/aion/Ceremony+of+the+Wise Asmodian

Levels 30-40
These levels advance you through the ranks; you should no longer feel new to the game but feel as a proud contributing member of your faction. You will obtain many quests, instances, and vital information to help you succeed in Aion. Continue to gather items, skills, kinah, and anything else to help you on your journey.

Fire Temple 30+


Kromedes trial 37-44

Gather AP through PVP, instances, quests. Use AP to buy special armor/weapons/items from the AP exchange stores. For help on what to buy seek guidance from trusted friends and classes in game.

Beyond 45
Beyond 45 you will experience difficult quests, instances, and dredgion. Many of the quests require that you have advanced knowledge of your role in groups as well as the ability to adapt and perform well under stressful situations. Do not be discouraged though, through teamwork, personal knowledge and experience you will succeed.

Make sure to take advantage of Dredgion. There are different types of grouping as well as different stratagies. Training monsters in any type is looked down upon. Skilled players will find themselves battling both balaur and opposite factions in this instance. You will need to be swift and efficient and plan carefully to finish quests, destroy Surkas, and fight the opposing race effectively. Killing certain monsters as well as destroying Surkas will grant your group point. The highest points win the instance. Your groups individual PVP Kills, Monster Kills, Captured numbers will all be displayed at the end of the instance. Once complete you will gain a relative amount of AP based on your groups performance.

* Note that Levels will not be displayed this is for example only.

Other info-

Ethics- be kind to others, help make the community a great community by contributing helpful information and actions to it. A game is only as great as it’s community. No matter how amazing any game is, no matter how incredible the story or graphics, it cannot succeed if the community fails.

Looting- be sure to loot your mobs, a missed loot could mean a missed opportunity at an amazing weapon, a quest item, or other helpful things. Roll on items you can use, don’t roll for others, don’t ninja others items and don’t harass players who win a roll fairly.

Learn- after all everything in life is about learning. Use the guides listed to help you obtain knowledge of the game. Many are free of charge and easily found online. Others such as Aion magazine can be purchased and will contain useful information as well as rewards in some issues that you can apply to your account. Be wary however not all sites are accurate, safe, or reliable. Use only trusted sites listed on http://na.aiononline.com/ I would go a step further to even say that protect yourself from clicking alink you do not trust. Simply type the address and begin your search.

The bigger the sword the mightier the fighter- Although Aion is greatly focused on gear, manastones, godstones and enhancements, it takes skill to truly win in Aion. Even a loss at the hand of an opponent can be a win if you did your best using your skills and experience to guide you. Do not be halted by amazing armor and weapons of the opposing faction or even your own faction. Work your way towards the best you can obtain and then use your skill to advance you further. A skilless person in perfect armor is no more of an expert player than a character that first enters the game. Don’t be discouraged by losing, use it to learn and adapt. Overcome your weaknesses and drive on!

Most important of all is- HAVE FUN!

This guide was a work in progress; I hope however it was insightful and helpful to players seeking info. I will try my best to add more. Thanks for reading :)

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